Jobs for working mums

Jobs for working mums

Working Mums Are Expanding Their Horizons

More mums are working now than ever before it seems, and they are finding new industries to expand into. In the past, oftentimes working mums were relegated to menial labour, such as factory work, service jobs, or secretarial work. But innovations in the ways jobs are accessed are changing the kinds of positions working mums are going for.

Educational Upgrade

Many mums are getting their advanced education on their own terms. Night classes and online courses allow them to attend class when their schedule permits. And many of the certification tests for a number of industries are able to be taken at home, in front of their own computer.  This is allowing more mothers than ever to enter the fields of industry that they want to without being held back.

Secondaryeducation is now more accessible than ever with an increasing number of schools offering their classesin a variety of formats. This allowsmany working mum to take advantage of the educational perks and become better potential hires for the fields they are interested in.

Improved Communication Makes Life Easier

images1Many working mums have been held back in the past by their inability to improvise and work with their employers in a flexible manner. They had to be finished working by a certain time to pick up their kids at a certain time and ensure their children’s safety. But now everyone has a cell phone or tablet, and they can all stay in contact much easier. Without ever leaving the job, working mums can call their kids or their children’s teachers or sitters and let them know that they need to work late. They can keep tabs on their children much more easily through instant messaging and video chat, allowing them to have peace of mind about their children’s condition even as they pursue their careers.

They can also accomplish more through easier communication. Those bathroom renovations can be outsourced and overseen from the office. The bathroom renovations specialist can show the working mum what is being done as it happens without interrupting her work day or having her need to be on site. This kind of communication is allowing mothers to accomplish much more than they could before and still be successful in their careers.



Working Mums: Finding the Right Babysitter

If you are a mother who works outside the home,then you likely worry about your children. You wonder about the integrity of the people watching over them and what they will be teaching your children. To assuage your fears somewhat, we’ve put together a guide that can help you navigate the sometimes murky waters of hiring a babysitter.

Someone You Can Trust

Your first concern when finding a babysitter should be to find someone who is reliable, who won’t mistreat your child and who will watch both your home and your child while you are away. You could use recommendations from your friends to see who they have used in the past. You might also hire the babysitter on a trial basis. See how they do for about a week to see if you feel comfortable before committing to anything long term.

You can also use a babysitter agency to find an appropriate sitter. These agencies usually have very reliable employees, but their rates may be a bit higher than a freelance sitter would be.

Getting Some Extra Work Done

You might consider hiring a sitter who will be able to do more than just monitor your child. Some babysitters will double as maids and clean your home for you. If you want someone who can vacuum your home for you while you are at work, you should be prepared to pay a little more. But if your babysitter can do the vacuum cleaner, the vacuuming and even the cooking, it could save you tons of time at home. After all, you may not feel like doing this work after a hard day at your job.

A Reasonable Balance

images1Nearly as important is how much you pay the babysitter. You will want to work out payment before the babysitter begins and also discuss how much will be paid for each hour that they have to work over. For example, you might be late coming home for work one day, and the babysitter may have to stay over. Also, if the sitter is young, you may have to discuss transportation for them andif you should pay for public transport for them.

It is okay to negotiate rates, but rememberthat they have to make a living, and you need to find a rate that is fair to them but reasonable for you. And keep in mind that if you don’t like how much your sitter is asking, then there are always other sitters out there. But the really good ones just might be worth the few extra dollars a day for the security and peace of mind they give you.…

Why Being a Working Mum Is a Good Thing

When many people think about mothers who work, they often picture someone who cannot make ends meet without having to work a job they don’t really want. They imagine someone who is not happy working and would rather be at home doing housework and spending time with their kids.

But many of the working mums today are doing it because it’s what they want to do. They are encouraged more than ever to pursue the careers and lifestyles they want and to not be held back by traditional expectations.

These are mums who are doing the job they do not because they absolutely have to, but because they want to be able to afford nicer things for their family or because they want to feel fulfilled. While many mums would be happier at home, there are a growing number of them who are enjoying the lives they have dreamed of by working every week.

By being out and about and getting involved in the workplace, many mothers are living much more fulfilled lives. Many of those who stay at home all day cooking and cleaning may feel trapped by their housework and their inability to become part of a larger social scene. But by working and interacting with other adults, they are able to experience more of life and to better appreciate the time they have with their children.

images1These are mothers who are working corporate jobs, riding in chauffeured cars or working as chefs in restaurants. Of course, not all of them want to be chauffeured around or working at a high-end business. Some of them are perfectly happy to do what others might consider menial labour. Those who are quick to say that working mums are miserable because they are away from their children may not realize that many of these mums want to be out of the house and doing the work they are doing.…

Working Mums Need Moments to Relax

Being a working mum involves a hectic schedule. You go from caring for your kids in the morning, feeding them breakfast and getting them off to school or the day-care, to working a job. Then when the work is done, it’s back home in time to take care of the kids again until they go to sleep.

As rewarding as all of this can be, it is also an awesome responsibility and one that harries mums into feeling overwhelmed at times. That is why it is so essential to take some time for yourself or with your family when you can. The following are some ways you can grab some time to relax.

Enjoying the Moment

Even at work you can find moments of respite. While you are waiting on your boss or traveling between locations, you can take a moment to just enjoy yourself. These spaces of downtime are not when you should be worrying about what you have to do next. You should instead appreciate them when they come by. When these moments present themselves, try to clear your mind of the responsibilities of work. Think about anything that doesn’t stress you out and picture where you would like to be if you weren’t at work. This mini vacation of the mind may be just want you need to relax and re-center yourself during a stressful day of work.

Make a Memory

You could get in the habit of carrying a camera wherever you go. Many cell phones already have camera capabilities, but if yours does not then just try to take a camera with you all the time. When you see a moment that you want to remember, pull your camera or phone out and save it forever.

Then when you are taking your moments to relax, you can stop and view those pictures again and remember the times where you enjoyed yourself with your family. Your mini vacation of the mind just got a little bit better.

Let Others Do the Work Sometimes

images1You don’t always have to shoulder all the responsibilities. Those branches that are in the way of your window can be removed by tree service professionals. You don’t have to do it yourself. Let the tree service company take care of it for you rather than taking up your valuable time or putting yourself in danger.

And that yard that needs to be mowed can be done by the neighbour’s kid instead of taking up your valuable family time. Being a working mum affords many people the luxury of being able to pay for things they may have used to do for themselves. You should take advantage of that and find a way to squeeze some extra time out of your day by hiring out some work.…

The Hazards of a Working Mum

Mums who also have to hold up jobs face some unique challenges in the workplace. Their jobs aren’t often viewed in the same way that other people’s jobs are. Those who employ them know the risks they run by employing mothers.


This can make for some unique job experiences that may not always have pleasant outcomes down the road. Take, for example, a mum that has to work part time to accommodate her child’s schools schedule. The employer knows that the mum can only work part time. They know that a full time job would be out of the question.

The Temp Problem

So what happens to the mum when the part time work is no longer required? This has happened at a number of organizations. Many times the employer’s needs change, and the part time work becomes redundant. Only full time positions are worth their investment at that time.

It is the inflexible schedule that hurts the career opportunities of many working mums. This is not something they have much power to change, which makes it depressingsometimes for them to live in the cycle that they do. This cycle often involves a trip to the job agency, followed by a placement in a part time job, then back to the jobagency once that jobis no longer necessary.

It is the same cycle that many people undergo when trying to lose weight. They start invigorated and determined, then lose their determination after their weight loss supplement doesn’t pan out the way they hope. Then they end up off their workout program and weight loss agenda entirely. They would do better to use a proven product like Garcinia that enable weight loss that is more than just temporary.

Finding Success

And it is something like Garcinia that working mums need. They need to use reliable methods of employment- ones that offer them a secure job. After all, many of them are trying to provide for a family that has little else in the way of support. The reason these mums are out there working is because they need the money. There are avenues for them to pursue that offer more than just temp work.

Freelance work of many kinds is available for people of a variety of skillsets. And much of this work can be done from home at a computer. It all depends on what skills the person has and how far they are willing to look to find the work.

Job agencies will be able to help working mums find careers that won’t disappear overnight, but mums need to make their intentions clear. Are they looking for something to tide them over until their schedule changes or do they need something with a clearly defined and limited schedule on a permanent basis. These jobs exist, but they have to be sought out.…

Some Job ideas for New Mums

New mums entering the workforce may be looking for different kinds of jobs than the typical 9-5s that most people accept. They might be in search of a job where they can set their own hours or even be their own boss. Now the kind of job you would be able to do would depend on your education. So if you think you might be a working mum in your future, then you can make the proper preparations now. Even for new mums who are already at that point, these suggestions may help you find a job that suits you.

Homeopathic Care

While nonconventional medicine is often frowned upon in the Western parts of the world, there is quite a market for it, particularly among the older generation. Therapies such as acupuncture, spiritual healing, and organic, home-grown cures are becoming more and more in vogue as people look for cost-effective remedies for their problems.

This is an industry that may not take a lot of training to do well in, and you would be able to set your own hours, unless you join an organisation that provides these services.

Freelance Work

Whatever kind of freelance work you are considering- writing, web design, etc.- you will be able to pretty much set your  own hours. That being said, you may be subject to the schedules of other people, and your success may depend on how available you are to do work at odd times. But by setting your own pace and sticking to your standards, you will be able to still enjoy life with your new born child.

Industry Consultant

This job type leave a lot open to your discretion and gives you bunch of possibilities to pursue. You might be helped by a degree in business management or in market research. But your career options are pretty much endless. You could help a business source their power supply needs by finding them solar panel installers and ensure that their solar power will be sufficient to provide for their needs. Or you could bring your expertise to bear for a company deciding which markets are right for its new product and how it should be advertised to those markets.

This kind of job is typically looking for someone with a college education and/or previous success in the field.

Remember that whatever you do make it something you will enjoy. You want it to be flexible, but you also don’t want to hate having to it. Keep in mind that these are a just a few of the many, many available jobs that would be perfect for many working mums.…

Working Mums: Preparing for the First Day

If you are a mum who has decided to start a job in addition to being a full-time caregiver, then you know you have your work cut out for you. It is likely you will do as much work as your coworkers do all day before you even get to work.

But there are some steps you can take to ensure your first day is a good day. It will also help you prepare for the many days to come when you feel overwhelmed and out of energy.

Make a Routine

Starting out, it can be difficult to get used to the workload. That’s why you want to plan out your day and make sure you have time for everything. You also want to make sure you aren’t forgetting to do anything. You can start by establishing a routine and then trying it out for a few days before you begin work. That way, you and your family can get used to it and you can have a little time to work out any kinks in your plan.

Setting up a routine can help you manage your attitude and expectations. You don’t want to come to work on your first day feeling stressed out about all you have to do. If you are already living according to the schedule you have worked out and you know it is working, then you will feel more confident and less stressed out. It will help you make a good impression your first day.

Prepare for Change

Starting a new job is a big responsibility, and it comes with a number of changes. Your biggest change will be the amount of time you have to do the things you were used to. It may seem like you have to cram a lot of things into a small space of time, but that’s only if you are trying to live the same way even after you have taken on the workload of a new job.

Be prepared to cut out a few things. You may need to reduce your television time, find new ways to save time preparing meals or just cut eliminate some items of your day entirely.

To help you with these changes, you can get the entire family involved. They should know that you will be shouldering more work and you need them to help out. Get your kids used to preparing their school clothes or lunches for themselves. Obviously their ability to do so will depend on their age, but make sure you realize what age they are capable of doing a majority of things for themselves.

Get in a Groove

You need to get comfortable with the changes that will be happening in your life. You don’t want to feel like you are forgetting to do something, like lock the garage doors after you are already at work. Talk with your family and work out whose responsibility it is to do specific tasks, such as lock the garage doors or take out the trash.

If everybody is aware of what they are supposed to be doing and agrees that those tasks are theirs to do, then it allows you to worry less and operate more smoothly. As you start working, make sure your schedule stays flexible so that you can make changes to things that aren’t working.  But most of all, try to enjoy your job, and make sure your schedule gives you time to do the things you love and the things that are important to you.…